Election volunteer

There is no party like a victory party that actually happens after a victory. Especially if the previous one was in the 1940s.

But hardly any Canadians take an active role in local party politics beyond voting. Doing so leaves parties exposed to special interest groups, wealthy donors and the small number of unrepresentative people who come forward to pick leaders and choose party direction. Is it any wonder we don’t feel they reflect our priorities?Continue Reading

The media is talking elections, and, whether it makes sense or not, history suggests that someone will blink and force a federal election before long.

The 905 region could well play ‘kingmaker’ again. But is our region getting the attention and credit it deserves for it’s outsized influence on elections, and the contrasting needs and motivations that shape the 905 cities’ populations?Continue Reading

Empty Ontario Legislature & US Capitol Riots

As 2021 began, a torrent of news came forward that a number of leaders in our communities, from the federal to the provincial and now we’ve learned the municipal levels weren’t following COVID-19 protocols.  Namely that they left the country for personal recreation.  Joel and Roland talk about this abdicationContinue Reading