Graham Crawford and

Our guest this week is Graham Crawford, one of the leads of has provoked a wave of positive support from many Hamiltonians, and a storm of angry reaction from some of the city’s political grandees. It has already been described as a leftist takeover by university elites, and criticized for being unfairly hostile to delicate incumbent councillors who just want everybody to be positive.

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Larry Di Ianni. Photo by Trey Shaughnessy, 2010 Creative Commons license via

Former Hamilton mayor Larry Di Ianni this week claimed Hamilton was facing a ‘left wing takeover’ by ‘university and other elites’. Roland and Joel tell him to get off their lawn. Then they look at the person the Toronto Star claims is an up and coming Conservative Party star of the 905, Melissa Lantsman, their candidate in Thornhill and do a search for substance.Continue Reading