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The combined tragedies of the discovery of 215 unmarked children’s graves in Kamloops, followed by the horrific act of Islamophobia resulting in the murder of a family in London, has shaken this country.

We invited Sarbit Kaur on to discuss the need for our political leaders and the media to do better on this topic.Continue Reading

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In part two of our interview with Graham Crawford of we look at all Hamilton has to offer as one of the most naturally fortunate cities in Canada, and consider what a city might look like that escaped the rut of unambitious and parochial leadership.Continue Reading

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Our guest this week is Graham Crawford, one of the leads of has provoked a wave of positive support from many Hamiltonians, and a storm of angry reaction from some of the city’s political grandees. It has already been described as a leftist takeover by university elites, and criticized for being unfairly hostile to delicate incumbent councillors who just want everybody to be positive.

Listen to Graham and decide for yourself.Continue Reading

Hamilton City Council

Hamilton councillors face the challenge of voting on a $3.1 billion gift from the federal and provincial governments and vote for sleepy nap-time instead. Will the horn on the Hamilton’s political clown car wake them? Parp! Plus we look at LPAT being LPAT and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal’s intervention in the HCDSB Pride flag debate.Continue Reading

In our episode coinciding with the first day of Pride Month, we talk to Hannah, Annie and their high school teacher Caitlin Grieve, about their successful efforts to have three Rainbow Crosswalks installed in Oakville. We are also joined by Whitney Ross, one of the co-leads of Pflag Halton, to discuss the implications of HCDSB’s Pride Flag controversy, and the changes still needed to build a tolerant society.Continue Reading

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What might cost thousands or even millions in the US costs at most a couple of hundred bucks here in Canada.

Donor limits don’t take the impression of ‘cash for influence’ out of politics, they just make it much cheaper.

So how can we fund parties in a way that makes political finances above suspicion? Continue Reading

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Former Hamilton mayor Larry Di Ianni this week claimed Hamilton was facing a ‘left wing takeover’ by ‘university and other elites’. Roland and Joel tell him to get off their lawn. Then they look at the person the Toronto Star claims is an up and coming Conservative Party star of the 905, Melissa Lantsman, their candidate in Thornhill and do a search for substance.Continue Reading

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Three Hamilton apartment buildings have seen major outbreaks of Covid-19 in recent weeks, all of the more transmissible UK-origin variant. The worst instance was in Rebecca Towers, where well over 100 cases have been identified. To discuss this topic in detail we invited on Justin Chandler. Justin is’s Hamilton-Niagara Bureau reporter, covering current affairs in the region.Continue Reading